Tables vs desks

    For the past year, I've taught Kinder is an overflow room.
    We started as a K-1 combination, but then went to straight K
    on the 4th week of school. So, my room was equipped with
    desks and chairs, rather than the traditional tables and
    chairs. My students did okay with these, though despite
    trying to teach them that everything goes into the "yellow
    folder" to go home, the desk became the second "black hole"
    where things were stuffed.

    Now I'm moving to a traditional kindergarten room. It has
    tables. I have supply caddies, and a pencil box for each
    student's pencils and crayons. But I'm at a loss about what
    to have the students do with their library book and their
    go-home folder ("Yellow folder") every day.

    What do you all do? My colleague uses these fancy shelving
    units at the ends of each table, but those are totally out
    of my budget. I need something inexpensive -- something that
    looks like a million dollars on a dollar store budget.