Re: Tables vs desks - conclusion

    Here's what I finally decided to do:

    My retiring colleague left me dozens of empty plastic pencil
    boxes. So each child will start the year with a pencil box with
    pencils and a box of crayons inside. On each table will be a
    bin to keep the home/school folder, and their writing folders. I
    ordered plastic bins from Oriental Trading Company for that.

    I have a divided bin, which I used last year, for each table.
    I'll put some glue sticks and some scissors in each of these,
    but they won't be kept at the table constantly -- only brought
    out when a daily project requires scissors and glue. Similarly,
    I'll be able to add a box of markers, for when a project calls
    for markers. I figure I will keep those up out of reach in the
    Art area of my room.

    I looked at the chair bags when I was at I Teach K conference in
    Las Vegas, earlier this month. A couple of different vendors had
    them. As one who loves to sew, I could easily make those.
    However, I could see more things wrong with the idea than the
    good things about them.

    Thanks for all the comments, I really appreciate it!