Re: Centers

    I teach in an all day public kindergarten setting. Everyday the
    children have 30 minutes of center time. 4 students to each
    center and they rotate through all 10 centers, one per day.
    House, blocks, ABC - hands on learning games, Science,
    writing, computers, listening/reading, math, puzzles and art.
    I refuse to give this up. The district wants the children to
    write everyday for 60 minutes. Lucy C program. I refused. I
    told the administrators that the highschool kids do not write
    for an hour a day, everyday. Their classes are only 50 some
    minutes long to start with.
    Yes, I have seen the data and the writing that shows ALL the
    progress the kids make when they write everyday. SO
    WHAT!!!!! If they spent the same amount of time playing
    together, working together, talking, we would have fewer
    social issues.

    So, please do what you know is best for the kids. Give them
    a strong foundation and they will read and write.

    On 6/20/15, Marie wrote:
    > It has been 12 years since I have taught K. I was
    > informed that they no longer have centers or nap. Nap I
    > understand however, centers make no sense to me
    > (blocks, manipulates, sand, housekeeping...). Is this
    > common in most public schools?