Re: Advice
    Ms. Anna

    On 6/30/15, iris wrote:
    > I have been assigned to kindergarten this year. I have
    > no idea on what routines, schedules etc. Can you make
    > any suggestions or recommendations, materials, (songs)

    My advice is to go to Kindergarten blogs; they have great ideas
    on absolutely everything! Some of the top blog sites are:
    mrswillskindergarten, kindercraze, livelaughlovekindergarten,
    mrsjumpsclass, mrsleeskinderkids, mrsalbanesesclass,
    kreativeinkinder, mrsjonessclass and mrsjonessclass.There are
    lots more out there and don't forget to use Pinterest! You are
    welcome to log into my Kindergarten web page also: I have been teaching
    Kindergarten for 31 years. If you do, make sure you follow the
    directions in the top LEFT corner to get to my schedule, lesson
    plans and events that we have done in the past year (pictures).

    Also, you will need a copy of the Kindergaren Core Content
    Standards (available on your state's Dept of Education).

    Have a great and blessed day!