Re: Jumpstart and WA Kids

    Hi Jacque,

    I'm happy to share what we do at our school with you. We
    do 2 weeks at our school, but the first week is only ELL
    students. We do an opening and a closing with teachers but
    have paras run the stations so that teachers can be free to
    start WaKids testing and to "put out fires" as things
    arise. We do snack in the cafeteria and have the kids run
    through the lines and carry trays just as if they were
    doing "real" lunch at school. We got permission to borrow
    the salad bar so we put pompoms in the tubs for kids to
    scoop with the long-handle spoons and/or tongs each day to
    get the feel of what they need to be able to do in
    September. We have a photocopy of the pinpad by the
    registers so they can practice punching in numbers.
    Because we don't have their individual numbers yet, we
    change the combination of numbers every day so they don't
    incorrectly learn a pin number. All students uses the same
    digits each day. I will email you our daily schedule from
    last year so you can see what types of things we do. I'm
    sure you will get a lot of great ideas from your carpool
    friends tomorrow too! I'll see you at Starting Strong and
    we can chat more then if you'd like. Email me anytime if
    you need clarification about something!
    On 7/26/15, Jacque/WA/K-1/nbct 2006 wrote:
    > Hi all....I am required to do a 5-day Jumpstart
    > Kindergarten this year for 3 hours each day....would love
    > to discuss other schedules...there is only one other K
    > teacher in my school and she is half-day, but we'll do
    > Jumpstart the same. Question is, how should this look?
    > We want to introduce some structures that we will use
    > when the year officially begins and work in the other
    > required tasks around that. Any help appreciated.