Re: Jumpstart and WA Kids
    Jacque/WA/K-1/nbct 2006

    Thank YOU! Sandi...sorry I didn't see you at Starting
    Strong....busy day and lots of people.

    I think we have a handle on this---sounds much like what both
    of you do. I wasn't too thrilled to have to do this because
    all of my students have been to preschool and we DO five days
    but not all in a row nor all during the day/with kids.

    Our students get in by lottery so we know who they are in
    late January. We have an orientation in Feb/Mar for all new
    kindergarten parents, we do play dates at parks during the
    summer (and I try to show up at one of them), we do an Open
    House before school begins, we do another Orientation before
    school begins (parents only) and we do a slow-start where my
    kinders only come for half the day the first three days of

    Based on these things I thought we should get a waiver,
    but....didn't happen. I don't have to do WA kids until next
    year, but we'll gear things the same just to get used to it
    all. I like how administration is realizing the importance
    of families and the social/emotional side so I know I will
    like some things about WA kids,'s a ton of work and
    I'm not sure how much the 'data' I collect will be helpful.