Re: sign-in activities

    I have done different things different years and it changes
    during the year. I only had 10 min. to do all that because I
    had to get my day started so these may not sustain them for
    that long.

    These are some of the different things I have used: journal
    writing, math manipulative/tubs, handwriting practice, read
    to self, center time, and books. One of the other teachers
    had them start off with a language arts "rotation" and she
    started working with her reading group as soon as she
    finished her check-in but again, ours is much shorter than

    On 7/27/15, Mary-Ann wrote:
    > I'd be very interested to hear what your students do for the
    > first 20-25 minutes of the day. This is the time I
    > typically do attendance, check agendas, plus all the other
    > "stuff" that K kids needs attending to. Would love some
    > easy, low-prep but fun curriculum-based activities that
    > can work on while I'm getting all that administrative stuff
    > out of the way. Thanks in advance!