Re: sign-in activities
    Jacque/WA/K-1/nbct 2006

    Mine is only ten minutes but the children sign-in on
    laminated tent-type name plates (first name is printed at the
    top and they can choose to trace or write their name on the
    bottom which has lines). When finished they put the
    nameplate in a bin and parents use a baby-wipe to clean them
    off for the next day. The ones left on the table are the
    students who are absent and after a few days I learn which
    kids are savvy enough to try reading me the names of the ones
    left on the table---I try to pick different kids all the time
    and we give them lots of help at first, but it's a real-world
    reason to learn everyone's names and they LOVE to be asked to
    be the person to do this....some will purposely sit at the
    back hoping to be called upon for this. Later in the year
    (January) I add sight words on nameplates (just regular ones
    not tent-type) and they have to write the sight word and read
    it to an adult, then place in the bin.

    Once they do that, they are simply to go to our classroom
    library and read/look at books. I constantly say, "If you
    are in the library, you have a book in your hands and are
    looking at books. I also have the luxury of parents who come
    and will read to those in the library while I finish up
    attendance and lunch counts.

    It all takes about ten minutes.
    > On 7/27/15, Mary-Ann wrote:
    >> I'd be very interested to hear what your students do for
    >> first 20-25 minutes of the day. This is the time I
    >> typically do attendance, check agendas, plus all the other
    >> "stuff" that K kids needs attending to. Would love some
    >> easy, low-prep but fun curriculum-based activities that
    > kids
    >> can work on while I'm getting all that administrative
    >> out of the way. Thanks in advance!