Re: kindergarten aide
    Beth Special Needs

    Some schools do allow aides to administer certain assessments.

    On 8/16/15, DonnaR/CA wrote:
    > On 8/16/15, CJ wrote:
    >> Is there anything a kindergarten aide should not be
    > doing?
    > Wow, I would love an aide!
    > What in particular are you concerned about? Many are
    > perfectly capable of taking a small group, taking a single
    > child and teaching him a skill like tying their shoes,
    > walking them across the campus someplace, supervising
    > outside the bathroom.
    > Like teachers, aides should not be in the bathroom with a
    > child (except perhaps a special ed aide with a special ed
    > child), alone in a room with a child of the opposite
    > gender. They should support the teacher they are working
    > with, not talking smack about them behind their back, and
    > if something the teacher has done is questionable, they
    > should politely ask the teacher about it.
    > Donna