Re: Class size

    In the vast majority of states kindergarten isn't even
    mandatory which is crazy in and of itself. A friend who
    teaches in a very poor urban school has 30 in her class and
    no aide. We have a grant that limits the class size at our title
    1 school to 22 but schools in the district without the grant
    have much larger classes. As long as the politicians keep
    starving the schools we will continue to have to do more with

    On 9/12/15, Michigan Mary wrote:
    > In my school, we now have 26 kindergartners with one k
    > teacher and no aide whatsoever. What are your class
    > sizes and are there any state laws to govern this? With
    > the push for early childhood education / preschool, I feel
    > like kindergarten is falling through the cracks. How about
    > you? Any research out there about this?