chuckle for the day...
    Jacque/K-1/nbct 2006

    Our second assembly today was the student council
    election assembly (we're K-8th grade). One of my boys
    had his eyes closed and I watched him lean backward, then
    jerk himself awake. I went and brought him close to me
    between my feet and he continued to fall to one side or
    the other and jerk himself awake. I had a parent take
    him to the nurse, then checked in on him while the others
    were in PE right after the assembly. Walked in to hear
    the office manager say, "Yeah, politics has that affect
    on a lot of people!".....I have fifteen boys and 7 girls
    and this was one of my sweetest little boys...guess he
    was really needing a weekend! It's been a very busy
    week..pumpkin farm, pictures, etc.