sped student in gen ed
    desperate for help

    I am a first grade teacher and for years have had mild sped
    kids in my class and have loved having them included. My
    oldest daughter started K in another district. Her school
    has special ed students included all day. I found out this
    district does not believe in self contained. My daughter is
    a very quiet, timid girl, gets startled easily and very
    sensitive to outbursts. One of the sped students has low
    cognitive function, possibly autistic and is nonverbal in
    language, does not understand English, screams all day,
    running around the room , jumping off the tables, when he
    gets frustrated. He kicks his aide, knocks over chairs,
    pushes people out of his way.

    He threw a book which hit my daughter in the back, leaving
    a bruise. He is overwhelmed. He came from a self contained
    preschool of 8 kids 3 teachers. This class is 22 kids one
    teacher and an aide for him. My girl no longer wants to go
    to school and says this boy scares her. She is always
    shaking when I pick her up from school. She cries nightly
    saying she doesn't want to go to school. She is not
    learning in this environment and doesn't feel safe. I love
    her teacher and talked to her. She understands but says her
    hands are tied. She doesn't have control over this boy
    being in her room and was told he is staying and she and the
    sped teacher ( who only consults, not direct instruction)
    need to keep coming up with behavior management. I can tell
    she is stressed and frustrated.

    Other parents have complained. So I went to the principal
    who told me he would have the teacher work on more
    disability awareness, educating the kids on this child's
    behavior and he cant help it so we need to be more
    understanding. Excuse me? This is not an issue of the
    "typical" students having acceptance; it is an issue of
    fear. He said the child is "entitled to be in a gen ed class
    and has rights to the least restrictive environment in his
    IEP." What about my child's rights to not live in fear of
    being hit, or watching this child violently hit his teacher?
    As much as I have compassion for sped students, I am
    fearful for my own child. Plus this little guy must be so
    stressed. How is the appropriate for him? Please help.. I
    am desperate.