First grade complaining- World War 3

    Asking advice on how to handle this one- without starting
    World War 3. Because it is Thanksgiving, we are making
    cornbread and butter in my kindergarten class. We have
    always done this. One of the first grade teachers was
    missing some heavy cream today- I generously offered her
    some of mine. Several hours later, I get an email from the
    first grade team- requesting a meeting discussing the
    continual "curriculum" issues of making butter in K and
    then doing it again in first grade. In other words, first
    graders have seen this before- first grade teachers are
    asking us to change our holiday/ thematic activities if
    they do them in first grade.
    My thoughts are-
    Doing something in K is not the same as doing them in Gr 1-
    learning is spiraled throughout the grades.
    Preschool does a HUGE Thanksgiving Feast- we K teachers
    have never had an issue with that.
    EVERTHING else in K is dictated to us- a push down Gr 1
    curriculum- why can't we- at the very least, choose some
    fun holiday/ thematic activities- so what if Gr 1 does
    similar ones- they are the ones who should change their
    activities- if it bothers them so much.
    Does this seem petty to you?- because it sure does to me.
    The Gr 1 team has no problem voicing their opinions, they
    are very outspoken- I could never do this to one of our
    preschool teachers. So far, I have ignored the email- I
    really do not want to meet over this- I don't have the time
    or patience. It's foolish and unecessary .Advice, please???