Young Kinder who hits
    Anonymous for now

    I have a very young kinder who barely made the cut-off
    date for k. He is small, very bright, but very violent.
    Parents have not been totally honest with me--I found out
    his preschool had conferenced with parents twice about
    him not being ready for K and should wait a year. So
    far, he has days where he does okay with just minor
    reminders, but then he'll have several days where he
    hits, kicks, chokes, pushes/shoves others. Parents were
    going to pull him out but changed their minds. My theory
    is that, after years of always trying to meet the
    expectations of classes that he just barely qualifies
    for, his frustration level is causing him to act out. My
    counselor is involved, observations are being done, a
    daily behavior report goes home each day. He's beginning
    to try to avoid work, distracts himself and others
    constantly. Only writes when I coach him through---gave
    a volunteer a really bad time this week, just totally
    ignored the volunteer, acted like he couldn't even hear
    her. He's written letters of apology, he's lost recess
    time, he's lost Free Choice Time, he's gone to the
    principal's office numerous times, he's taken "think"
    laps around the track, he's had to hold my assistant's
    hand/my hand. Any other ideas???? At my wit's end. I am
    super-consistent, never show anger, yet am firm on
    expectations. I do think he runs the show at home with
    parents who accept his response of "it was an accident"
    or "I didn't do it on purpose". He does not follow
    directions well at all, just does whatever he wants to do
    without regard to others.