Re: Opinion writing

    When our kids have to do opinion writing they must give a
    reason why. I started out with a show of hands for something
    they all like (e.g.: ice cream) and had them tell me why they like
    it. I wrote down all the reasons that they gave and then turned
    it into a couple of sentences - I like ice cream. It is cold and

    After a number of those, we moved on to other topics such as
    specials (I like music because Mr. Jones lets us play
    instruments), friends, and family so they had to actually think of
    a reason why they like something or someone. We did a lot of
    practice and I had them share their stories with the class.

    In the end, most only wrote 1 or 2 sentences but a few came
    up with more.

    On 12/11/15, Sarena wrote:
    > On 12/11/15, SRF wrote:
    >> Any great, effective ways to teach opinion writing for kg.
    >> students?
    > Pattern books are a great way to start.
    > I like my mom
    > I like my dad
    > I like my sister
    > I like my dog
    > I LOVE my family
    > Or
    > I see the slide
    > The slide is fun
    > I see the swing
    > The swing is fun
    > The park is fun
    > Lucy caulkins has a pattern book unit in the if then
    > curriculum.