Re: Getting attention from kids

    You may have unreasonable expectations from 3-5 yr olds.
    They're not being disrespectful - they are being 3-5 yr olds.
    Other posters have given you good ideas for getting their
    attention. But don't wait until everyone is sitting quietly
    before you start class - once you've got most of them, get
    started. The others will come to join their classmates as they
    don't want to be left out. Clapping your hands in a pattern
    will get the kids to join in as you gather them together for
    whole group and almost anything can be sung to the Twinkle
    Twinkle Little Star song. Find a good book on early childhood
    development/education to help you understand teaching this age
    group - they are not adults or teens. Also check the
    kindergarten board. They have a lot of experience and will be
    happy to help you.

    On 1/10/16, Joyce wrote:
    > I am a kindergarten teacher (children from 3 to 5) who's
    > been facing troubles to get them attention. I feel they
    > don't give me any respect, since they start chatting as
    > soon as I come to the class. Some of them turn back and
    > just don't care about the class. I am very disappointed!
    > When I taught adults and teens a few years ago it was
    > totally different! They loved my classes! Now, with the
    > youngers I am considering to give up! Could anyone
    > advise me with some tips to make the children pay
    > attention and enjoy the classes?