Re: Getting attention from kids

    I use a lot of singing, music and rhythms in my classroom,
    which I find gets their attention easily. Among my

    Transition Times - I use my iPad to create musical cues. The
    app is called ClassCues, and it's available for iPad and
    iPhone -- not sure about Android. I have music for Rotations
    (by far, the most used), Snack/Recess, and Lunch.

    Carpet Time - when we are coming to carpet, I have a rhythm
    pattern that I keep doing over. "Sh, sh-sh, sh, sh-sh, sh,
    sh-sh shhhhhhhhh." It's bouncy, not straight, and the kids
    have been practicing how to snap their fingers so that they
    can snap along to the beat like I do.

    Line ups - there are line-up chants all over the Internet,
    and I have a bunch of different ones that I use:

    "1-2-3-4, stand up tall and face the door, 5-6-7-8, sh, sh,
    so we won't be late!"

    (Sung to Frere Jacques) "I am ready (echo), For the hall
    (echo), I am facing forward (echo), Won't talk at all

    "Tootsie roll (roll, roll-shoulder), Lollipop (lick, lick),
    we are talking, shhh, shhh (make hands move like talking),
    now we stop! (hands at sides)."

    Sitting Time - one thing I had to learn the hard way, was not
    to let the kids sit at carpet OR at their desks for long
    periods of time. I use 10 minutes as a max, then we stand up
    and do something - the Pledge of Allegiance (yes, we still
    say that every morning), make our letters with our bodies, do
    a Jack Hartmann exercise video to our letters or numbers,
    pretend we are the Alphafriend of the week (last week we were
    Kangaroos to a song I found about Kangaroos). Let them move,
    they really, really need to get up and move!