Re: Getting attention from kids

    If you are their classroom teacher, have a class meeting and
    talk about what is going on and solicit their ideas. They
    sometimes have very good insight and can take ownership of
    the ideas.

    One thing many teachers do is let the behavior slide and they
    pay for that all year. If they don't line up quietly, send everyone
    back to their seats and call one student at a time. If the
    behavior isn't OK, send them back and do it again until they
    "get it". Coming to the rug is the same thing. Remember, to
    call them or dismiss them in small groups or individually and
    mix it up. One time, call them by tables, another time by the
    color of their shirt, etc. Having them all move at once is setting
    the scene for chaos.

    I used a musical triangle to get their attention and when they
    heard it they were to immediately freeze with their hands on
    their head and look at me. We practiced it over and over until
    they got it and once they did, it made things so much easier.

    Above all, 5 year olds are not the same as 25 year olds or even
    15 year olds. They are still learning (or learning for the first
    time) what the expected behavior is in different situations.
    They have short attention spans and need time to move.

    On 1/27/16, Judy2/CA wrote:
    > Joyce, I'm sorry! I thought I was posting on the main board,
    > not the kinder board. You already found your way here!
    > On 1/10/16, Joyce wrote:
    >> I am a kindergarten teacher (children from 3 to 5) who's
    >> been facing troubles to get them attention. I feel they
    >> don't give me any respect, since they start chatting as
    >> soon as I come to the class. Some of them turn back and
    >> just don't care about the class. I am very disappointed!
    >> When I taught adults and teens a few years ago it was
    >> totally different! They loved my classes! Now, with the
    >> youngers I am considering to give up! Could anyone
    >> advise me with some tips to make the children pay
    >> attention and enjoy the classes?