Re: behavior

    If he has no boundaries at home then he doesn't act like this
    at home because he can do what he wants when he wants.
    If he wants attention, isolating him will make it worse. As
    Judy said, when you are on the rug, keep him right in front
    of you or at the edge of the group, I have given kids like this
    something to keep their hands busy so they aren't bothering
    the others. A large pom-pom worked well because if it
    dropped or hit someone it didn't make noise or hurt anyone.
    Also, keep him busy and give him "jobs" to do - put
    something in the trash, hold a paper as you walk down the
    hall, etc. Also, do give him some choices where either
    answer is Ok with you - would you like to sit at the table
    with the others or at the special desk by my desk, when
    walk to lunch do you want to hold my hand to in the line,

    Meanwhile, you need to try and "train" him. Praise, stickers,
    or whatever when he is doing what you want him to and
    maybe a hand signal as a reminder when he behavior is not
    what you want.

    One last thing, invite Mom in to see what you see. Can she
    peek through the classroom door window or can you record
    him? Talk to your principal before you record him because
    there may be rules or laws against it so check first.

    Good luck!