Re: Class became animals with sub
    retired K teacher

    First thing Monday morning call a class meeting and ask the class
    what happened on Fri. Have them talk about it and how they felt
    about what happened. They will have no trouble pointing out
    who was responsible (as if you didn't already know!) They may
    even have more to reveal than you or the sub were aware of.

    I would ask them what the consequences should be for the
    trouble makers as well as the well behaved. I often sent the well
    behaved out for extra recess or gave them play time if I didn't
    have someone to supervise them outside, and generally let them
    have a good time (I even took out the really fun stuff that rarely
    was available). I played with them if they were inside and kinda
    went overboard showing them what a good time they could have!
    The trouble makers got to sit and watch their friends have fun. If
    they are able to, I would have each of the problem students write
    an apology to the sub for their poor behavior.

    On 4/23/16, Daisy wrote:
    > Ok K friends, I need opinions on serious
    > consequences for the 11 kids who behaved
    > so so badly for my substitute yesterday. I
    > get that they are anxious about our 22
    > days left but their blatant disrespect
    > evidently was off the charts. On the other
    > hand I had 13 kids who were absolute model
    > citizens. All this happened after many
    > stern directives to tow the line.
    > Thoughts?