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Hello! I need to make a serious decision please. I really want to become a Kindergarten teacher but always read horror stories about teachers almost always working 60+ hours per week. Unfortunately I have great caregiving responsibilities in my family and that would be impossible for me to do. However I was wondering if Kindergarten teachers work less hours? I mean TOTAL including grading, planning, parent/student meetings? Also, is it extremely hard to become ONLY A KINDER teacher because of competition? Like would I need to always teach other grades too? I am hoping to finish school to become a Kinder teacher and maybe substitute teach until I finally get a Kinder position. Do you think this is realistic? Thank you, I don't want to make a mistake pursuing this. I am in between this or just trying to work my way up in administrative type jobs as a career because I really can't work over 40 hrs a week with my family situation. I really want to do this but I'm also afraid th...See More
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Kat_Kong I work ALOT of hours per week. I was a sped teacher and that was similar work hours (more paperwork in the evenings though). If you are having second thoughts about this then you should select a job that is more manageable and that you have more control over the working conditions. Being a teacher (seems like any grade) I don't feel that I have al...See More
Jun 15, 2016
Jennifer S./KS I've taught Kinder for 21 years and I spend a LOT of time above and beyond my school day on school stuff. I LOVE my job and wouldn't trade if for the world, but sometimes I wish I could come home from work and do nothing. There are a lot of extra hours to this job, any teaching job, really.

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Jun 15, 2016

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