Re: Beginning of the year book

    On 6/23/16, KB wrote:
    > What is a good book start the year with in Kindergarten?
    > I want to use it for a week.
    > It could deal with colors or friends.
    I use Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud.
    It helps set the tone for a kind classroom. Be kind is my
    only class rule. When you are polite, safe and work hard,
    you are kind to yourself and others. There are lots of
    activities online.
    Don't worry about academics the first week. Set the tone
    and everything else will fall into place. Whole Body
    Listening with Larry at School by Elizabeth Sautter and
    Kristen Wilson is my next book of focus.
    Of course, I read Miss Bindergarten gets ready for a
    Kindergarten. We make a class book and each child draws
    a picture of what they did to get ready.
    The Kissing Hand is great if there are separation issues.
    Have fun and enjoy your summer!