Re: Let's get the ball rolling

    On 7/25/16, Flacka wrote:
    > Lets get a discussion going...
    > What new things do you want to try this year?
    > What book/program/idea really changed the way you
    teach (in a
    > good way)?

    Daily Five by the sisters, Joan Moser/Gail Bouchey for
    sure and an article most recently by Regie
    Routman...talking about using assessments/rubrics
    sparingly in K....I'm using Lucy Calkins for writing and there
    are SO many pre-assessments, post assessments, self
    assessments, etc.....I was beginning to wonder when 'd
    actually fit in time to actually let kids write....Regie's words
    were comforting. I had 15 boys this past year and they
    were some of the best writers who LOVED writing...I used
    a combination of Kidwriting, Randee Bergen and Lucy
    Calkins...then added some blank board books (Bare
    Books) that after they had a corrected paper copy they
    could publish using the bare book and some special
    metallic was just the hook needed.