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How do you set up your reading center in your classroom? I see so many pictures of rooms online where people have bins and bins and bins of books for the kids to select from. They are all organized so nicely by subject, author etc... They then have comfy chairs or even a couch in the reading center. It all looks great, but do most people really have that much space? My room is not super tiny, but it isn't real big either. If I dedicated as much space in my room for a reading center as I see on Pinterest and teacher websites, my kids wouldn't have any space too sit, do work or play. It baffles me that so many teachers have rooms that have to be at least twice the space that I have. I have a very small, simplistic reading center. I have a very nice Lakeshore reading shelf that I change out monthly. It houses holiday / seasonal books (fall, Halloweeen, Christmas, winter etc....) I then have a shelf that holds four large bins. I label 2 bins "fiction" and 2 bins "nonfiction....See More
Flacka Pinterest has been a godsend and a curse to everyone, including teachers. If your system works for you then there is no need to change. I am a big believer that kids need choices but too many choices is overwhelming, even for adults.

I found that reading in the reading center became social time and they really didn't read or even look at ...See More
Aug 1, 2016
maureen I was always blessed to have rather large classrooms so I usually had a little sofa where 2 or 3 children could sit and sometimes I even had a couple added recliners (that I tied inside so they couldn't recline). The other children just sat on the floor or brought books to a table.(I usually had between 24 - 30 students each year) I had a nice litt...See More
Aug 1, 2016

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