Re: What does your school provide
    Amy K

    My district provides our guided reading books. We actually have a
    guided book room where you go and can check out what ever levels
    you want. We literally have thousands of books. My district is school
    wide title 1. We often use our title money to buy new books for the
    book room. We also use the money to buy reading materials to use
    in literacy centers.

    Math manipulatives usually come with what ever series is purchased
    by the district. I have been through several series and have tons of
    manipulatives, especially Teddy bear counters. No more teddy bear

    Our district provides basic school supplies such as paper, crayons,
    scissors, pencils, paint, glue etc...

    Teachers buy non essential things such as stickers, markers, birthday
    crowns, labels, folders,etc...

    As a kindergarten teacher, what bothers me is that the district will not
    buy toys. I have been teaching 20 years and the only new toys that
    have entered my classroom are the ones I have purchased at garage
    sales. Toys are essential to learning in kindergarten, but the district
    doesn't see it that way. We are supposed to have a playtime, but
    they don't want to provide any toys.

    The district used to buy us things to decorate our rooms, such as
    border strip and bulletin board kits. No more! That is now my

    I honestly don't think our administration has any clue as to how much
    our teachers spend on our classrooms.

    On 8/12/16, curious wrote:
    > I am an admin. on a FB site for teachers to sell their own
    > materials, books, etc. that they no longer need. One
    > stipulation is that the items cannot have be bought by the
    > school or district. On the site their are teachers selling or
    > looking for guided reading books and math manipulatives like
    > unifix cubes and pattern blocks.
    > Does your school or district provide you with guided reading
    > books and math manipulatives or do you have to buy them
    > yourself?