Re: What does your school provide

    I would love to see the look on the face of admin and the parents
    if there was nothing in the room except for what was provided by
    the district.

    On 8/16/16, Amy K wrote:
    > My district provides our guided reading books. We actually
    have a
    > guided book room where you go and can check out what ever
    > you want. We literally have thousands of books. My district is
    > wide title 1. We often use our title money to buy new books for
    > book room. We also use the money to buy reading materials to
    > in literacy centers.
    > Math manipulatives usually come with what ever series is
    > by the district. I have been through several series and have
    tons of
    > manipulatives, especially Teddy bear counters. No more teddy
    > counters!!!
    > Our district provides basic school supplies such as paper,
    > scissors, pencils, paint, glue etc...
    > Teachers buy non essential things such as stickers, markers,
    > crowns, labels, folders,etc...
    > As a kindergarten teacher, what bothers me is that the district
    will not
    > buy toys. I have been teaching 20 years and the only new toys
    > have entered my classroom are the ones I have purchased at
    > sales. Toys are essential to learning in kindergarten, but the
    > doesn't see it that way. We are supposed to have a playtime,
    > they don't want to provide any toys.
    > The district used to buy us things to decorate our rooms, such
    > border strip and bulletin board kits. No more! That is now my
    > expense.
    > I honestly don't think our administration has any clue as to how
    > our teachers spend on our classrooms.
    > On 8/12/16, curious wrote:
    >> I am an admin. on a FB site for teachers to sell their own
    >> materials, books, etc. that they no longer need. One
    >> stipulation is that the items cannot have be bought by the
    >> school or district. On the site their are teachers selling or
    >> looking for guided reading books and math manipulatives like
    >> unifix cubes and pattern blocks.
    >> Does your school or district provide you with guided reading
    >> books and math manipulatives or do you have to buy them
    >> yourself?