Re: Preschool for 4 year old

    On 8/18/16, Nicole wrote:
    > I am struggling with the choice of an academic preschool
    > where my son is currently enrolled which has Spanish,
    > science, math/computer, fun and fitness, and English
    > lessons (with specialized teachers) vs a play based
    > curriculum. Which is better or does it even matter? My
    > son is extremely bright but I worry that it's a bit much
    > his age. He will be ready for first grade before he's 5.
    > Thoughts???

    I think it depends on your values, as well as your child.

    My daughter is 3 and a half. She is very bright,
    academically. She can count, knows her letters and sounds,
    loves to read. I'm not worried about academics.

    However, my daughter DOES need help socially. When she's
    with other kids, she plays alone. She usually won't talk to
    adults besides her parents. She is in a toddler soccer
    league and acts like she's afraid of the coach (who is super

    For my daughter, a play-based preschool is the best choice.
    She needs to learn the social skills!

    Also remember - you don't need to pick a super-insense
    academic or a strictly-play-based preschool. Many schools
    offer a nice balance of both.

    Think carefully about your son, and what he needs. Then your
    decision will be easy.

    I wish your son much success as he enters his school years!


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