Re: Preschool for 4 year old
    DAP lover

    I 100% agree with Flacka. Go for play-based. Believe it or not,
    your child might learn MORE in that atmosphere.

    On 8/20/16, Flacka wrote:
    > I have taught both preK and Kindergarten for many years.
    > Kindergarten is now what first grade used to be with all or
    > all of the day spent in academics. Assuming both preschools
    > high quality I would choose the play-based program.
    > He is only 4 and has many,many years of academics ahead but
    > little time for socialization and discovery. I good play
    > program will offer plenty of opportunities for learning and
    > discovery along with socialization.
    > Check with the kindergarten teachers in your district for
    > skills they expect when the child enters K, make sure that he
    > those skills, and he will be fine.
    > On 8/19/16, SuperTeacher wrote:
    >> On 8/18/16, Nicole wrote:
    >>> I am struggling with the choice of an academic preschool
    >>> where my son is currently enrolled which has Spanish,
    >>> science, math/computer, fun and fitness, and English
    >>> lessons (with specialized teachers) vs a play based
    >>> curriculum. Which is better or does it even matter? My
    >>> son is extremely bright but I worry that it's a bit much
    >> for
    >>> his age. He will be ready for first grade before he's 5.
    >>> Thoughts???
    >> I think it depends on your values, as well as your child.
    >> My daughter is 3 and a half. She is very bright,
    >> academically. She can count, knows her letters and sounds,
    >> loves to read. I'm not worried about academics.
    >> However, my daughter DOES need help socially. When she's
    >> with other kids, she plays alone. She usually won't talk to
    >> adults besides her parents. She is in a toddler soccer
    >> league and acts like she's afraid of the coach (who is super
    >> nice)!
    >> For my daughter, a play-based preschool is the best choice.
    >> She needs to learn the social skills!
    >> Also remember - you don't need to pick a super-insense
    >> academic or a strictly-play-based preschool. Many schools
    >> offer a nice balance of both.
    >> Think carefully about your son, and what he needs. Then your
    >> decision will be easy.
    >> I wish your son much success as he enters his school years!
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