Re: math curriculum

    We just adopted a new one and started to use it last year.
    Frankly, for Kinder, I dislike it intensely for the
    following reasons:

    * It skips around a lot. In unit one (18 lessons), you'll
    have a lesson on counting, a lesson on addition, the
    introduction of shapes, a lesson on subtraction, a lesson
    on comparing, and you'll revisit each one once down the
    line in the later part of the unit. My kinders barely have
    a chance to try to understand the concept.

    * There are a lot of full out pictures that the kids have
    to add to. For instance, it might be a playground scene and
    they may have to ensure that there are four children on
    swings, or four balls in the picture, etc. Some of my kids
    hated those.

    * The TE is just not very teacher friendly. It demands a
    lot of reading, which we don't get time to do except on our
    own time at home. (We have no prep time at school except
    for the 1/2 hour before school that our contract calls

    * There is a twin workbook set, a "Homework/Remembering"
    book set, and a bunch of other extras.

    * The manipulative pattern blocks, shape sets, etc. are all
    made from FOAM. Now this makes it nice and lightweight, but
    I had a number of students that would have tried to bite
    them. So I pulled out very few of those things for class
    use unless I was supervising. They used the wood and
    plastic pattern blocks and tiles that I already had. All of
    those tubs take up space, too.

    What I like about it:

    * Very little.

    This is Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Math Expressions,