Re: Halloween Party

    > On 10/15/16, MmB wrote:
    >> What do you do for Halloween?

    In the morning, all the children arrive, most of them dressed
    in Halloween costumes. (Our District leaves each school to
    decide for themselves about holidays.) So we take the kids
    out on the K playground and each class "parades" around the
    trike track, while the other classes stand and look at the
    costumes. Lots of excited looks on the children's faces!

    Then we do a "carnival", each class taking about 1/2 hour to
    rotate among 5 or 6 games. One game is Ghost Bowling, another
    is Jack-O-Lantern Bean Bag Throw, there's a fishing game (we
    use a puppet theatre), there's a "Bozo Buckets" type game,
    and there is The Witches Hat, where the children throw a ring
    around the top of a pointy hat. Kids get 1 prize at each
    game, as long as they try, which they carry in the bag that
    they decorate in class.

    At the end of the day, each class can have Halloween treats,
    "a party". This year we are trying to emphasize "healthy",
    not quite so much sugar. And with my class this year,
    nothing with nuts!

    In between, it's pretty much a "lost day", so we try to
    maintain as much as we can. Little Halloween book making,
    writing Halloween stories, is about all we can get done.