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I feel like I am behind and underwater but everyone keeps saying your ok I am not were the other teacher are as far as classroom management will they fire me
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Flacka Classroom management is one of the most important skills for a teacher and it's something that the colleges don't address. Talk to your mentor about your concerns and if you don't have a mentor, find someone you think will be helpful and supportive.

It takes 3+ years to get the management under control and it's going to be a work in progre...See More
Nov 11, 2016
roy mathew Thank you dona, actually i have only 2 year experience , am woring in a best kindergarten school in qatar , the job are going good and all the ambiance are very good so its interested to work , any way thank for your information


On 11/11/16, Flacka wrote: > Classroom management is one ...See More
Dec 27, 2016

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