Had the morning off so ran off to take a cycling class at
    the gym. The instructor had to leave a couple minutes
    earlier so she worked us extra hard. I made it to 14
    miles which is what I usually do in this particular
    instructor's class. She does a lot of standing up and
    "running" on the pedals with a lot of resistance. The
    other instructor does more with endurance so I get more
    miles in there.

    Gorgeous fall day out there. The violets are still
    blooming among the frost covered grass lawns in the
    morning. My marigolds and geraniums are still going
    strong. I even have a bright red daisy reblooming - a
    welcoming sight as I come to our front porch. However,
    there are predictions of 20 degrees this weekend so that
    might be enough to finish off the last flowers.

    Looking forward to seeing a musical this weekend with the
    granddaughters at one of the local high schools. Their
    performances are always professional and very good. I
    guess that means I will skip a cycling class again.

    Keep walkin' and have a great weekend!