Re: interview request

    Thank you for asking (not demanding) help and for writing a
    request that in complete sentences and grammatically correct.
    You have no idea how rare this is.

    As for your request - your best bet is to talk to a teacher face to
    face because you can ask follow up questions, pick up on his/her
    tone, etc. If you go back to your own elementary school they will
    probably be more than willing to help, even if your own
    kindergarten teacher is no longer there. If that's not possible, try
    the elementary school that takes the children from your

    To get a response here, you would have to post your questions on
    the board since it's not safe for either of us to post an email
    address here.

    Good luck with your research paper and your career choice.

    On 12/07/16, sthephany wrote:
    > I need help finding a kindergarten teacher to help me with
    > my research paper on this career. I'm a senior in high
    > school. Please let me know if you would like to help me.
    > Thank you