Re: More screens?

    I am retired so technology in the hands of the students came late
    in my career. Because of that, I never embraced a lot of
    technology in the classroom and preferred to do things the "low
    tech" way. I do understand that they need to be well versed with
    its use because that is the world they live in and it isn't going

    I know they like using the technology but also like the true hands-
    on activities. When we had indoor recess I would pull out all
    kinds of things for them to play with and open up the computers
    and iPads as well. Except for those on the spectrum, few ever
    chose the technology over playing with their friends.

    Unless there is a reason that everyone needs to be "plugged in"
    and considering the frustration with the bandwidth, I don't think I
    would add yet another computer and its quirks to the mix.