Re: Listening Centers and QR Codes

    On 1/18/17, DonnaR/CA wrote:
    > On 1/18/17, Kn Teacher wrote:
    >> Hi. I am wanting to set up a listening center. I lost all
    >> of my LC equipment in a recent flood, so I am starting
    >> again, from scratch. What do you recommend? How is
    >> LC set up? What kind of equipment do you have? How do
    >> use QR codes in a LC? Thanks, in advance!
    > I haven't used a listening center very much this year, but
    > I had the recording equipment (CD/tape player), and 4 or 5
    > headphones plugged into a junction box (which connected
    > the CD/tape player). Because I didn't have a spare table
    > for the LC, I located it on the bottom of my stereo's cart
    > and the kids just sat on the floor with the books. When
    > they were done, they went back to their seat to complete
    > the 2nd part, which was usually to draw a picture of their
    > favorite part of the story.
    > Our district purchased subscriptions to both RAZ-Kids
    > (Reading A-Z) and Imagine Learning. So now, those two
    > taken their place in my language arts daily 5 rotation.
    > Imagine Learning went where the LC was. RAZ-Kids is the
    > electronics word work. (My rotations, usually 2-3/day,
    > include small group instruction with me, seatwork, RAZ-
    > Kids, paper word work, writing center, and Imagine
    > Learning.)
    > As for QR codes -- I use them for sight words. I found some
    > Sight Word QR code packets on TPT, mounted them on
    > construction paper, copied the paper lists, and now that is
    > one of the paper Word Work Centers. My kids access the
    > codes through old iPod Touches. If they finish a list, I
    > give them a sticker. They get another sticker (or two) if
    > they can read me the sight word list!
    > I have not used QR codes for listening centers, so I can't
    > help you there.
    > Donna

    I've had luck using QR codes that I found on PTP (all free)
    that I use with iPads. Teachers are nice enough to post
    codes that link to online stories being read aloud, that do not
    have ads with them. Usually the QR code come next to a
    picture of the book cover or a cute picture. I print them,
    mount them on an index card and laminate them. My
    students scan them during learning stations with headphones
    as to not disturb those next to them. Hope this helps!