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I am beside myself about what to do with a boy who talks back constantly. I've talked with him, talked with his mom, but nothing has helped. He's fidgety and wiggly...constantly moving and refuses to move off the rug and sit at a table quietly. I really like him, but it is so frustrating!
  • Retired K teacher When you say he "talks back" is he sassy or is it something else? Whenever you have undesirable behaviors you need to figure out the antecedent, or what is happening just before you see the behavior so you know what is causing this beha...See More
  • momof5 THANKS retired teacher!!!! Thanks for your advice, While I didn't post I am having same issue and I like the suggestion to give choices. On 2/28/17, Retired K teacher wrote: > When you say he "talks back" is he sassy or is it...See More

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