Life Cycles

    I'm currently student teaching in a kindergarten
    classroom. One of the things I've working on is timing my
    lessons better to include all components; set,
    introduction, guided practice, independent practice
    closure, & assessment. Our science/social block is 30-40
    minutes and we alternate between the two subjects. We
    will be starting a unit of life cycles soon. We will begin the
    unit with frog life cycles. I always want to keep the
    students engaged and I know that we will probably
    discuss frog life cycles for a week & move on to other life
    cycles. Any suggestions for different lessons/activities for
    frog life cycles. Also, any suggestions on how to easily
    include all lesson components. I somewhat struggle w/
    introducing the lessons when we talk about a topic over
    the course of a few days. I also struggle w/ guided
    practice, specifically for certain activities (ex: crafts).
    Lastly, how do you actually assess a craft activity, since
    it's not like a worksheet where you can give a grade for
    correct/incorrect? Any suggestions/tips would greatly be
    appreciated :) As a student teacher I always enjoy
    hearing advice from other teachers, and how others teach
    certain subjects/topics. I provides me with ideas/direction
    on how I can teach :)