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Hi Teachers! I'm a full-time Specials teacher for about two years now and I'm wondering if you can give me some advice on how to manage big class size. Most of my students are in ESL and others have zero English. It's been really frustrating to let them understand my instructions and topics. Their TA is helping me by translating my instructions to their native tongue and yet there are still those who are very stubborn and very defiant. I have seen some homeroom teachers do CLIP CHARTS. They can give heavy consequences for misbehavior. But as a Specials teacher, I can't give heavy consequences like no playtime or no swimming class, etc. I teach all levels of preschool and it's really hard to keep track and make clip charts for them. Any advice on how I can manage this? Thank you!
flacka Start by meeting with their teacher or the whole kindergarten team if the problem is across the grade level. Find out what they use for behavior management and what they have found to be successful. Talk to them to see if they are onboard with extending it to include specials. When the whole day is included (specials, lunch, etc) they will learn th...See More
Sep 21, 2017
specialsteacher @flacka Thanks for the tip! I will certainly do that today. What was your classroom management strategy? Was it successful?
Sep 21, 2017
flacka The whole school, which is a Title 1 elementary school, did PBIS and the behavior expectations spanned the whole day - from waiting for the bus in the morning until returning home after school. Every person who came into contact with the students was on the same page as far as expectations and consequences. The students got "tickets" when they did ...See More
Sep 23, 2017
avidreader89 There is no better management system than really really really interactive lessons! This is the most exciting period in human history. It is painful, and it takes more effort than is humanly possible sometimes, but it is true.

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