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I am a reading specialist and have 4 students (grade 2) that have SEVERE memory issues. They are all reading at a pre-first level, have very few sight words and answering questions is quite challenging. I am looking for some ideas to help improve both their working and long term (retrieval) memory.
janss There might be a neurological issue present. If the main channel separating the left and right hemispheres is missing or impaired -- memory and retrieval will always be an issue and I have found no method that works with those medical issues. I wish I had someone to guide me with this. I am now seeing more children with severely impaired memory iss...See More
Dec 6, 2013
AM I am a parent not a teacher and this is just my experience.

Here is how one doc explained it to me with my child. It's like a faulty filing system. When they get the info they file it away but don't know where it's stored, sometimes they can pull it sometimes they can't. If they can pull the information it gets put back into the file but i...See More
Mar 25, 2013
AM with a P.S. This is my first time to the LD board and it doesn't look very active. You'll find some great ideas on the sped board where the sped teachers hang out. They could probably give you more ideas.
Mar 25, 2013

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