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I have a 9th grade student who is struggling in English and Math. He doesn’t want to take his medicine for ADHD because it make his stomach upset. But he is having behavior issues in class, too much socialization with others; he forgets to turn in his homework which causes him to have D’s or F’s .What can I do?
Linda Go to your student each day and specifically ask him for his homework. This will eliminate him from forgetting to turn in his work.

Unfortunately, you have no control over whether or not he takes his medicine. So, don't even press the issue with him. Make sure he has opportunities to get up and get a drink, get supplies from different are...See More
Mar 16, 2014
Beth Cohen I have used the stress balls with ADHD students with good results. They squeeze the ball and it helps them relax and stay more focused. Try seating in the corner of the room and allow the student to stand or pace. I have even allowed an ADHD student to use headphones during individual work. Music helped him to stay focused and stop talking. If he t...See More
Mar 16, 2014
Charlene How long are the class periods? For my HS class we have 90 minute block classes. I try to change the activity we are doing in class every 15 to 20 minutes. I also use this as an opportunity for them to move around the room turning in their assignments or creating materials for the next section. Collaboration assignments I find create an issue but a...See More
Apr 20, 2014
Cristina Collaborative work may be a little 'sticky'. If the student is having trouble and socializing too much, it may backfire, unless you place him with students that are not buddies. During independent work time, mp3 players tend to help with focusing. You might consider sitting with him one on one and talking about how you and he can come up with a 'ga...See More
Jun 25, 2014
Nancy Burrello I think you could try and use music during testing time away from other students and then let him test! This may help him stay focused during testing! try the head phones in classroom with music and see if that helps him stay quitter! I have found out you have to keep changing thinks to keep them focused! the music idea will work for a while then ...See More
May 2, 2017

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