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We're seeing more and more cases of autism. Are you?

Did anyone watch Lehrer's (sp?) report on autism? It was fascinating.

I have a terrible time gauging my expectations with autistic kids, do you?

meep We have an autism unit at my school. This year, I had an undiagnosed student in my ESL K class (parents are in pretty strong denial) and it was an interesting year. He was very auditory and visual in his learning styles. Not only was he autistic, but he also didn't speak English except for the echolalia (sp?)He could repeat anything anyone said and...See More
Jun 23, 2011
daniella We are also seeing a great increase in the number of cases and they are spanning a great range. I have had a lot of training about autistic children. One thing that really impresses me is that many of them do very well in the long run. Just as some dyslexic students learn differently and at a different pace, so do autistic children. It is fascinati...See More
Jun 28, 2011

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