Method & Theory

fact or myth - listening to tapes while you sleep?
rather not say right now

    Okay, I hope I'm not looking like an ignorant person right
    now but this question is bugging me and I hope the
    professionals here can help me.1. Does listening to a tape of a subject while you sleep
    help you retain and learn it better when you are awake?

    2. Assuming that the answer to #1 is Yes - If one can stand
    to listen to two or more tapes simultaneoulsy while he or
    she sleeps, can the brain properly process the information
    so that it enhances the learning of the three subjects
    while the person is awake.
    Ex. Listen to a tape of Hamlet, a lesson on speaking in
    Spanish, and a tape on Calculus.

    I have not done this yet, mainly because I only have one
    tape player right now.

    Let me know your opinions and any web sites where I can
    find more information on this.

    Is this what they call "subliminal learning"?