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I would like to ask any educators to contribute to this thread, if they have any experience with self-regulated learning. What was your experience with SRL and how did it affect your teaching, as well as your students? I am currently researching on this topic, and will sum my conclusions up below. However I wish to gain other perspectives, especially if someone has found that SRL affected specific students better, given their individual traits.

1. Self-Regulated Learning is not a personality trait an individual simply 'has' or 'does not have', and is not specifically based on the individual's background. Rather, it is a directed process in which the learner manages their mental capabilities to achieve a mastery orientation - specifically in three aspects:

• Behavioural - the mitigation of available resources (environment, time,

peer assistance)

• Motivation - controlling motivational beliefs (self-efficacy and goal

s...See More
men52 I am actually retired now after being a Montessori ages 3-6 year educator for almost 30 years. After looking into what SRI learning was, I would have to say I have plenty of experience with it. Of course, my experience is with the early learning years vs older students. However any authentic Montessori program of any age would give you plenty of su...See More
Feb 11, 2018

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