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Re: how do you

    On 9/19/05, lara wrote:
    > I would like to know if any firt time teachers with a
    > family of two or more can throw some poniter my way of how
    > to stay organized and work full time.Hi Lara,

    I am a mother of two. My children are 4 and 1 1/2, so I
    understand how busy being a full time wife, mother and
    teacher can be. I have found that staying after everyday at
    least for 1 to 1 1/2 hours gives me almost enough time to do
    my work. there are times that I must take work home. For
    the most part I find that even when I have great intentions
    completing work at home, it never gets done. I am so
    exhaused by 8:00 I can barely think straight to do school

    Remember use your time wisely. Try not to handle papers more
    than once.
    Best of Luck!