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Re: When did you really start to LOVE teaching?

    Dear Rolina,Well, I also hated it when I started teaching at 23. So I quit
    and went into business. I had exciting, high-profile jobs,
    worked long hours, traveled extensively, negotiated meny
    million-dollar contracts, etc. Now when I am over 50, already
    having two grown-up children of my own, I started to miss
    teaching. Guess what? I returned to teaching and love every
    minute of it! As a mature person and a mother, I love being
    among young kids - I have a lot to teach them. I also enjoy
    having returned to my beloved subject. So, my first advice to
    you - get some first-class education (what does "do to it
    being my first year" mean?! A teacher making mistakes of this
    kind will never be respected as a professional). Secondly,
    consider long vacations and all other benefits. Frankly
    speaking, teaching appears to be one of the cushiest jobs in
    the US: where else can people of very modest abilities get
    steady jobs paying over 70,000 a year, with excellent
    benefits, luxurious pensions, long vacations and practically
    no responsibilities? In business, for a salary like this they
    will soak you! Work is not all pleasure!

    So, good luck to you!


    On 2/21/06, Rolina S Phia wrote:
    > On 9/21/05, PANewbie wrote:
    >> Hi all,
    >> This is my first year teaching. All summer, I slaved away
    >> prepping for interviews to land my first teaching job and
    >> when I was finally hired I was so thrilled. I expected to
    >> come to school eager to meet the kids each day and to love
    >> every moment of teaching... which is really how I felt
    >> when I student taught, I absolutely loved it. In reality
    >> however, I'm kind of sad to say I don't love it. I feel
    >> like everything is such a struggle. In the mornings, on my
    >> very long commute (1 hour and 20 minutes) I just think
    >> about the day and I start to get a sinking feeling in my
    >> stomach.
    >> In part, I guess my feelings are do to it being my first
    >> year, and also teaching in a grade level I'm totally
    >> comfortable with, but now I'm really hoping that it will
    >> get better soon. Did any of you feel this way when you
    >> first started teaching? If so, how long was it before you
    >> rediscovered the happiness of being in the classroom?
    > Greeting to you all.
    > I am just a student, majoring in education. Here I am taking
    > most of my required courses; but, here I am very much
    > looking forward to the day I will be standing infront of my
    > students and teach some lesson. I can't wait any longer...