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Re: Teaching Shortage Crock!!!
FYI Arizona, not Arizonia

    On 1/24/08, Steve wrote:
    > On 1/15/08, Missing MI wrote:
    >> You know starting salary doesn't mean much. Many states are
    >> trying to start around 40,000 to attract teachers. But it's
    >> how fast the payscale increases that really matters. Where I
    >> taught in MI, I would make 85,000 by year 11. In GA it will
    >> take me more like 25 years to make that. So go figure.
    >> Insurance matters big time too. Some of these states charge
    >> you an arm and a leg for insurance and another arm and a leg
    >> if you want to insure your family. While others take out just
    >> pennies from your paycheck. Lots to consider. Most important
    >> is going somewhere you know you will love living or at least
    >> enjoy exploring.
    > This is true......Here in Metro-Detoit it's real had to find a
    > job. Last year I was laid off after five years of teaching.
    > Did not have any luck this past summer, so I am subing at the
    > moment. I plan on getting certified in Illinois as it seems
    > there are many more jobs in the Chicago area. Also I have been
    > interested in Ariznoia as well. BUT....What I have read here is
    > making me second guess that possibilty. I was planning on
    > getting certified in Arizonia, has anyone had any luck with
    > finding a job qucikly in Arizonia? What about New Mexico? Does
    > the pay scale suck in Arizonia?