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Is anyone successfully using this process of giving student friendly learning objectives with a self assessemnt component? I can see the value but cannot see how to communicate these. I do use (in high school) objectives I have very intentionally worded to cover each unit requirement, but I admit that students do not use these much. Targeted learning objectives tend to be even more specific and ideally have the assessemnt component too (such as a 1 to 4 scale). I envision that these would need to be done daily, or even more frequent on a 4 X 4 block.
Georgia Teacher In Georgia we have learning standards that we have to communicate to the student and the student has to communicate to an administrator if they walk in. We have to have formative and summative assessments as well as performance assessments. I find that giving students rubrics or checklists when you give them a project or assignment is helpful to ke...See More
Jun 29, 2011

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