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The U.S. Census Bureau invites you to join the vanguard of a new effort to boost students' data literacy-a crucial capability for success in every academic field and lifelong careers. We'd like you to test materials that aim to strengthen your lesson plans and improve your students' achievement.

Teachers know best what works for their students. That's why we need your feedback to launch Statistics in Schools (SIS), an innovative program to improve students' data literacy and familiarize them with valuable Census resources.

This summer, SIS will provide exceptional K-12 math and social studies teachers like you with activities and materials to use in their classrooms in the fall. We're offering videos, interactive maps, games, supplemental activities, and discussion prompts based on real-life data and examples.

Through this SIS Early Adopter program, you will be among the first teachers to try SIS materials in your classroom, and your feedback will help shape ...See More

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