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Since we are required to use the basal series and the math series...we have one person each week responsible to "plug in" the required components.

Then its sent out to everyone and they can personalize it if they are doing something different....but all the required things like benchmarks and standards are already there.

Its very nice to not have to invent the wheel every week.

At first I didn't think I'd like doing this, but we've done it this way for a few years and it has worked out well.
mrsd We do the same thing with the three reading/language arts teachers. We actually use the same lesson plans from year-to- year, changing activities and tweaking them as needed. Why reinvent the wheel? We are beginning a new writing program this year, so we will be changing our language arts writing lessons. But, since we use Making Meaning for readin...See More
Jun 29, 2011

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