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Objective Methodology Time Resources Assessment Week 5 Lesson 1,2 80 min • Recognize that drugs even medicinal drugs can be abused or misused • Describe harmful effects of drugs in tobacco

Prior knowledge • Have you taken dugs? • How you take medicnes? Introduction • Can medicines harm your body? • Have you take your medicine according to prescription? Main Lesson • What is drug abuse? • In what ways we are abusing medicinal drugs? • What is tobacco?how human being takes it? • What is nicotine?How it effects human health? • Questioning written work • Activity 1.6 work book pg. 16-17 • Wrap up 5 min

10 min

30 min

10 min

15 min

10 min Science text book

Students will assess on their abilities • Write name of 5 drugs and their misused

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